Drive For 55

Drive For 55

"Nothing could be more exciting today, in this age of growing complexity, than to help foster the development of our best youthful minds into clear-headed, profound thinkers and doers for our civilization of tomorrow."

Martha Lindsey Grenfell
November 5, 1915-July 26, 2008
Founder, Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

     Martha Grenfell, the beloved founder of the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation was a women of great purpose and vision. Those words spoken by Mrs. Grenfell are just as relevant and profound today as they were 55 years ago when the Dolphin Scholarship was founded in 1960.

      Dolphin Scholar alumni have indeed become our “profound thinkers and doers” – Physician’s, teachers, biochemists, lawyers, human rights educators, foreign service officers, attorneys, librarians, zookeepers, medical researchers, college professors, engineers, authors, scientists, architects, veterinarians, artists, dentists and military officers – to name just a few professions.

      The year 2015 marks the 55th anniversary of the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation and to celebrate this significant milestone we ask you join us by participating in the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation “Drive for 55” fundraising campaign to commemorate the foundation’s 55 years of service to the submarine community.

       The goal of the “Drive for 55” fundraising campaign is to raise $55,000 for scholarships and DSF is counting on your continued support to help us reach our goal!! Please donate today by mail (Please indicate “Drive for 55” on your check.) or by clicking the "Give Today" Button.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Mrs. Grenfell’s vision alive by ensuring that DSF can provide scholarships to the children of the submarine force for the next 55 years!