Katherine Gaucher


“Being a Dolphin Scholar has been a goal of mine since elementary school and my parents told me to study hard so I could one day be a Dolphin Scholar. Now that I am a Dolphin Scholar, it means being able ot focus my energy on school, service, and leadership opportunities at my university instead of having to worry about paying for tuition. It has opened opportunities such as Study Abroad at the Dublin Business School last summer. It is also very important to me to know I have helped to contribute to part of my college expenses by qualifying as a Dolphin Scholar.”

Selected: 2022
Sponsor: RADM Robert Gaucher, USN
College: The University of Florida
Year: Senior
Major: Business Management
Academic & Extracurricular Highlights:

  • Dublin Study abroad

Scholarship: Wives of U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII Scholar