Tressa Kim


“Being a Dolphin Scholar as a scholarship recipient holds tremendous meaning to me. It represents a culmination of my academic efforts, dedication, and the recognition of my potential by the esteemed organization offering the scholarship. The financial support provided by the Dolphin Scholarship will allow me to pursue my educational aspirations and will enable me to fully immerse myself in
my studies and take advantage of various learning opportunities. Moreover, being selected as a Dolphin Scholar is a validation of my hard work and academic achievements. It signifies that my efforts have been acknowledged by experts in my field, which gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Ultimately, being a Dolphin Scholar is not just about financial assistance or recognition; it is about personal fulfillment and growth. It motivates me to strive for excellence, push my boundaries, and make a positive impact in the music and computer science fields. It serves as a constant reminder of the potential within me and the responsibility I have to utilize my talents to contribute to society. Being a Dolphin Scholar is an incredible honor that brings immense meaning to my academic journey. It empowers me to pursue my educational dreams, provides a platform for personal and professional growth, and inspires me to make a lasting difference. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities and support offered by the Dolphin Scholarship, and I am committed to making the most of this extraordinary privilege.”

Selected: 2023
Sponsor: CAPT Jonathan Kim, USN
College: University of Virginia
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science & Music
Academic & Extracurricular Highlights:
• Software Engineer Intern
Scholarship: RADM & Mrs. Steven W.  Maas Scholar