Making a Sound Investment

The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation gratefully acknowledges the financial contributions of individuals, submarine spouse organizations, the submarine community and corporations whose generosity makes possible our mission to support the education of children/stepchildren of submariners. DSF recognizes their substantial financial support through our Named Scholarship and Endowed Scholarship programs.

Named Scholarships:  Effective July 1, 2008, each $3,400 donation (the amount of an annual Dolphin Scholarship) will be recognized as a one year Honorary or Memorial Scholarship, named as the donor desires.

Endowed Scholarships:  Each $85,000 donation is recognized as an Endowed Scholarship, named as the donor desires. Endowed Scholarships may be established by a lump sum or aggregate (over 4 years) donation.

For more information about donations, or for information about planned giving, please contact the Executive Director at