The Haines Society


Created in 2008, The Haines Society was named to honor John Lyman Haines, Jr. – the first Dolphin Scholar who was awarded a $350 scholarship in 1961. Every Dolphin Scholar – past or present – is invited to join The Haines Society. Members join forces to fund a yearly Haines Society Scholarship for the next generation of high achieving applicants.

Donate online or contact for more information on helping future Dolphin Scholars achieve their potential.

2022-2023 Haines Society Scholar

“Thank you for supporting the Haines Society Scholarship. It is incredibly meaningful that I am receiving support from those who were previously provided the same support. I hope to carry on the tradition when I graduate. Dolphin Scholarship represents my part in my family’s Submarine service tradition. As a Dolphin Scholar, I am able to fully pursue an enriching education that will carry me on a path to Naval service.”

               Helen Lohr,  Auburn University