“Respect those who came before you. Honor their deeds and learn from their trials. They work to grow you into the next generation. When they are gone and those after you appear, uplift and encourage them. This is the cycle that the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation embraces. As the child of a Naval officer, I am blessed to receive this award. I give thanks to my family for their support and encouragement in my life that led to this accomplishment. ”

Selected: 2023
Sponsor: CDR Michael Dufek, USN (Ret.)
College: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Year: Sophomore
Major: Materials Engineering
Academic & Extracurricular Highlights:
• Dean’s Honors List
• Study Abroad Fall 2024
Scholarship:  Kaplan Public Service Foundation Scholarship named in honor of
Lieutenant Colonel Jay Dow Covey IV, USA