Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships are funded on a yearly basis by donors who give $4,000 or more. The scholarships can be named after the donor or in honor of a person of their choosing. The following are the named scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Beekman Point Engineering Scholarship

Boeing Scholarship

BWX Technologies, Inc. Scholarship

Dolphin Store Hawaii Scholarship

Violet Early Scholarship

Haines Society Scholarship

EMCM Robert D. Ice, USN (Ret.) Scholarship

Kaplan Public Service Foundation Scholarship

VADM & Mrs. Kevin McCoy Women in Engineering Scholarship

Pearl Harbor Submarine Spouses’ Charitable Association Scholarship

San Diego Submarine Spouse Group Scholarship

Scholar Parent Association Scholarship

Society of Sponsors of the U.S. Navy Scholarship

Submarine Officer Spouse Association Kings Bay Scholarship

Submarine Officer Spouse Association Washington Scholarship

Nancy F. Tollefson Scholarship

CAPT Reginald L. Workman Scholarship